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Bringing your child to visit Smile Design as young as possible, and certainly as soon as their teeth start to grow, will help them get used to visiting the dentist, sitting in the chair and hearing the noises in the surgery.  It is important that they are comfortable with the idea, so if you have fears of your own about dental treatment try not to let your children pick up on them.  

Smile design are also part of the Childsmile programme, for more information please click here
Regular check-ups and any necessary treatments will ensure their teeth start healthy and remain healthy from the time their first milk teeth appear right through to their teenage years and beyond.  We recommend six-monthly check-ups and visits to the dentist to avoid problems developing.  We can also discuss NHS and private tooth-straightening options when and if your child needs them and sort out any teeth that may become damaged in childhood accidents or during sport.

It’s good practice to start cleaning your child’s teeth as soon as they come through (usually at around 6 months), using a baby toothbrush and toothpaste twice a day.  Try not to give them anything to eat or drink after their teeth have been cleaned at night.
The healthier your child’s teeth are the fewer treatments they will need, so encourage them to eat and drink healthily, avoid sugary drinks and snacks, and get into the habit of cleaning their own teeth properly as soon as they are old enough to do it for themselves.

If your child has physical disabilities, learning difficulties or suffers from anxiety we can help in a variety of ways, so please don’t hesitate to discuss the situation with us before your first visit.  Our surgery is very child-friendly, with comfortable seats and a play area, and a layout designed for ease of access; our staff are always happy to make children comfortable in every way we can. 

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