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AUGUST 01 , 2012 by Smile Design

According to new research conducted by Save Water Save Money and the British Dental Health Foundation for National Smile Month, turning off the tap when cleaning your teeth could save more than 12 litres of water per person, according to new research.

The research has revealed that nearly two thirds (64 per cent) of seven – 10-year-olds admitted to leaving the tap running while brushing their teeth and has shown that in homes using a water-saving aid, only six per cent of seven – 10-year –olds left the tap running, saving over 4,230 litres of water in the process.

The Foundation and Save Water Save Money are encouraging people to think about saving water as well as saving their teeth during the annual campaign, National Smile Month.

Chief Executive of the Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter, said: “Many people believe after brushing their teeth they should rinse their mouth with water, when in fact it is better for oral health to spit the toothpaste out. This ensures that the fluoride found in most toothpastes will remain on the teeth and therefore continue to remain effective.”

Tim Robertson, Director of Save Water Save Money, said: “Linking one of National Smile Month’s key oral health messages with the ‘turn off the tap’ campaign makes it an action everyone can relate to.” National Smile Month is the UK’s largest oral health campaign.

Save Water Save Money is working in conjunction with the UK’s Water Companies to encourage water efficiency by raising awareness of the high levels of water wasted in the bathroom.

Some participating Water Companies are offering their customers free or discounted Toothy Timers, a two minute teeth timer with a funky crocodile attachment, in support of National Smile Month.

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